BOATFIX.CA provides fleet maintenance services for resorts, camps, lodges, schools, wilderness and outdoor associations with a watercraft fleet maintenance program geared to keep your canoes, kayaks and sailing dinghies in top shape.


BOATFIX.CA conducts yearly cleaning and servicing programs to watercraft during your offseason periods as well as efficiently performing repairs to boats during your high season with on-site service calls.

Pickup and delivery of your boats can be arranged through BOATFIX.CA as part of the watercraft fleet maintenance program contract. Storage of your boats can also be provided for a nominal fee.


We've got your repair needs covered!

  • Pickup & delivery of fleet

  • Thorough cleaning of boats

  • Inspection and assessment of boat condition

  • Replacement and/or reconditioning of worn hardware including gunwales, seats, thwarts, yokes, bow & stern caps (decks), handles, fasteners

  • Repair of hull damage

  • Repair or installation of skid plates

  • Exterior gelcoat or marine paint finish application

  • Exterior clear-coat finish

  • Interior paint finish recoat

  • Wax & buff

  • Vinyl graphics program for logo and fleet numbering applications specific to your needs

  • Storage when required

  • [Sailboat specific]: Pickup & delivery of fleet, cleaning, assessment, hull damage repairs, gunwale servicing, replacement of lines, rigging, hardware (rudders, tillers, centerboards refinished or rebuilt), lubrication of moving parts, straps, webbing, sails, bright work refinishing, mast replacement or adjustment, interior & exterior gelcoat or marine paint finishes, wax & buff, vinyl graphics program for logo and fleet numbering applications specific to your requirements.

NEW FOR 2019 - Mobile Repair Service

We're introducing a fully equipped mobile service vehicle and team into our comprehensive lineup to keep your fleet fully operative, doing on-the-spot repairs directly at your facility. Sure, not all repairs can be performed effectively without the aid of a max-service shop however the bulk of the work you will require during your busy season won't be restorations! We can have you up-and-running in no time! Inquire about our mobile repair service program today!

NEW FOR 2019 - Vinyl Graphics & Numbering Programs, Custom Logos and Designs 

Your fleet will never have looked better!

Our custom vinyl logo and numbering application will make your fleet look fresh and organized without sacrificing the budget.


BOATFIC.CA can reproduce your logo exactly as it should be, or can provide you anything custom you may dream of.

We don't JUST fix boats. We can make them pretty too! Inquire about our vinyl graphics and numbering program today!

The BOATFIX.CA team are highly qualified to look after your boat from stem-to-stern, season-after-season. We take great pride in our abilities, working year round quickly and efficiently to bring you the best service possible.

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