Bringing life back to your small boat

Catering to cottage country, Ontario




Fiberglass canoes are among the most abundant in rural areas. Their uses intended not only for pleasure paddling but for outback trekking, fishing and hunting expeditions, and work related purposes. These canoes are also the most abused and therefore left to forever rot beside garages and in back yards. 

Why not give your old fiberglass boat a second chance. Let BOATFIX.CA perform the repairs it needs to get your boat back into the water again. 


Plastic boats, canoes and kayaks are the alternative to fiberglass, Kevlar and wood products. They are heavy boats but the trade offs are cost effectiveness and abuse worthy. Unfortunately these boats are difficult to mend and require specialized plastic welding technology to do the job right, which is why many become permanent residents of landfill sites.

Why not help these ships back from the dead and let BOATFIX.CA give them quality repairs for a whole new lease on life.  


Wooden boats are charming, great to look at and must be maintained regularly. If things get out of hand the boat could succumb to dry rot and other damaging problems, some of which are irreversible. We aren't miracle workers but if caught in time many of the issues can be dealt with using special treatments, techniques and area replacements.

Allow BOATFIX.CA to to give your old boat a thorough inspection and assess damage and repair options before its too late.


Small sailboats are generally fabricated in fiberglass or built-up in wood. Regardless of the type they both take similar neglect and abuse, often winding up on an unkempt field of grass or left to the forces of nature which bring them to their ultimate end. Sometimes there is love from the owner and the boat gets respect, but one can only hope.


Let BOATFIX.CA bring the life back into your wooden and fiberglass sailing dinghy before nature and erosion rub them out forever.  


High-end watercraft constructed of Kevlar, or having portable skin-on-frame design, inflatable dinghies and other specialized watercraft will require primary consideration when it comes to repairs. As much as we pamper these machines they are all prone to damage and will each have they're own quirks in the fix-it department.

Why not consider BOATFIX.CA to repair these specialized boats and get them back into the water again.

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