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BOATFIX.CA prides itself on the boat maintenance programs available for camps, schools, resorts and associations. We're driven to provide the best possible care to your watercraft fleet. Operating year-round, we accommodate your high season with our mobile, on-site repair program or off-season where we bring the fleet home for the winter and prepare them for the busy season ahead.



I bought this canoe over 45 years ago and it served me well for my camping and fishing until 8 years ago when my wife left me and took everything. Sadly, she did nothing with it so it sat outside and grew an ugly personality until all the wood fell off and all that was left was the fiberglass shell. She passed away and thankfully I inherited the canoe shell.


I discovered BOATFIX.CA and thought they could bring it back with some cosmetics, new wood and new hardware. The process wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be and the price I paid for the restoration was half the price of a new boat. I've reunited with my old flame and am fishing and camping again.


My ex-wife might be dead now but my canoe isn't. Thanks to BOATFIX.CA it even looks better than Margery used to!

Bob M., Port Bolster, Ont.


BOATFIX.CA pulls out all the stops! According to one resort client, this 1991 Cherokee soloist cedar strip canoe is the centerpiece of their special events and is only brought out for special occasions. The unfortunate problem with this cedar strip canoe is the delamination of the glass cloth and the cedar. To correct this the boat will require the outer glass skin removed and to re-apply new glass cloth and resin. 

We are contemplating creating a blog highlighting the rebuild process and post it right here on this site. The client would like the canoe back for spring 2019, so we are going to have to act quickly! (We'll let you know how it goes!)




Hey all! I have been tasked with building a catboat for my daughter and am building it the old-fashioned way; by lofting the design and building on frames. At the end of the day I want it to be similar to an Ayers Pond Boat with some major differences. I want to build this because we use the Pefferlaw River to launch on and  I need to clear a bridge that crosses the river with a gaff-rigged mast that is shorter than a typical Bermudian type. 

I needed some help with the keel and spoke to the folks at BOATFIX.CA about building it for me as they are better equipped for the task. I can't thank them enough for their input designing and assembling the swing-keel. BOATFIX.CA are very knowledgeable on all points regarding this particular style of boat.


The catboat isn't finished yet, but we will be enjoying it in the 2019 season for sure. 

Nancy K., Pefferlaw, Ont.


I really enjoy wilderness camping and trekking long, lonely river passages with my partner and our Current Designs LIBRA XT tandem kayak.

After returning to Ontario from a long trek on the Columbia River, BC, I really noticed the wear and tear it received over the past 25 years and decided to give her a full refit. I read about BOATFIX.CA in a kayaking magazine article and immediately contacted them for more information. I really felt great trust in them and the quote they offered to rebuild our yak was more than reasonable, so they proceeded to the task at hand.


Two weeks later the LIBRA was complete. She received  all new paint, new combing and hatch upgrades, revised deck rigging, rudder hardware, seats and backs, even the graphics were new and improved upon. This boat looked brand new again!


The people at BOATFIX.CA should be commended for this amazing craft. My partner and I can't thank them enough for such a beautiful work of art. Simply amazing!



Kimberly Y., Toronto, Ont.


This segment highlights a very unique open shell tandem kayak designed by BOATFIX.CA using 3D modeling and CAD software for a client in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

The method of construction is canvas skin over cedar frame with an anticipated overall weight of 35-40 lbs.

The model is a 1"= 1'-0" scale buoyancy model that is constructed of heavy card and waterproofed with clear polyester. The model was tank tested to find the kayak's buoyancy force (a submerged object experiences buoyancy because it displaces a volume of fluid equal to the volume of the object submerged).

The buoyancy model tracked exceptionally well with a scaled load inside the model and showed good lean-recovery abilities as well.

The finished boat will be 18'-0" in length

and have built-in flotation, cargo space with deck hatches, deck rigging, kick-up rudder and ash trim all around. We will add updates to this post with the build progress.

This build will be ready for the client in the 2019 season at which time it will be shipped out to B.C.   We will look forward to the client's review on the performance!



Yes! Way too many holes and cracks for this poor old canoe to stay afloat. 28 holes to be precise. When seeing the photos before it came to BOATFIX.CA we felt another nightmare on its way.


Rachel picked this canoe up for a song and realized why after getting it into the water for the first time. Checking her options of turning her hard earned money into a planter or having it repaired she came to see BOATFIX.CA .

This fiberglass canoe is a testament to worn-out boats, at least that we've ever seen. There comes a time when you have to decide when her time is up. Is it worth the repair? Can I get something newer for the price of the repair? And perhaps there is an attachment to your boat, and you just can't let go. 


Now we may not be miracle workers by any stretch, but managed to resurrect this 60 year old from the landfill site with a lot of elbow grease and sweat. A budget was given to work with, which we happily did, and then threw in a couple of 'extras' giving the value-added component to top it off.

We think Rachel's eyes fell out after reuniting with her boat and sent her on her way with some words of caution. The boat is old. Her bones are weak, but if you treat her nice and gentle you'll get some good mileage out of her.

Another happy customer



Catboats have played an important role as fishing, crabbing and clam boats on the east coast of Maine, Massachusetts, and New York since the mid 1800's. These boats were designed for trolling shallow waters and were easily handled with single gaff-rigged sails and keels that swing into their trunks when close to shore. As much as this type of boat is a huge part of American culture and tradition the design never really took off in Canada. For me it's difficult to understand why it didn't. With that in mind I proceeded to design my own for a future build.

This model illustrates the general direction I'm heading with 'Willow Wren', with multiple hard chines in place of the traditional round bilge. I want her to be classic in lines with the same rig found on all catboats, and keep her to about 15' in length with a 7' beam, big barn-door style rudder... and hopefully some time to build it.



Camp Kirk's canoe fleet was in poor shape this summer.

Many of our canoes were out of commission due to damage, and the others were in precarious shape due to lack of proper care and maintenance over the years. It has been a struggle to find a company who can provide timely and good quality service however meeting BOATFIX.CA was a true blessing.

They came to our property and did a thorough assessment and provided us with a very realistic and affordable maintenance plan. When the canoes were returned to us, it was evident that a great deal of energy and care went into each and every boat. After the canoes were delivered to us they presented a thorough service report and offered tips to keep the fleet in optimal shape and moving forward. 


BOATFIX.CA went above and beyond, providing professional care to our fleet. We hope to continue our partnership with BOATFIX.CA to ensure our canoes stay in tip top shape!

E. Coutts, Director-Camp Kirk, Kirkfield, Ont.

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