Bringing life back to your small boat

Catering to cottage country, Ontario



BOATFIX.CA wants your boat repair, refurbishing and restoration experience to be a successful one and that you are completely happy with the end result.

There are many options to consider regarding your boat project so please review the following information and get ready for your new boat upgrade.

1. PHOTOGRAPH:  Start by taking a couple of photos of the boat in the current location it is stored (we want to see where the boat has been living to better assess the type of damage it may have incurred). Next take a couple of photos of any areas that are damaged that are in need of immediate attention.

2. DESCRIPTION:  Write a brief description of the boat which will be sent by email to and state whether you require a general repair, a refurbishing, or a complete restoration.

Be certain to add details of boat manufacture, make, model, length of boat, approximate age, what material the boat hull was fabricated (if possible), when the boat was last used, and any other helpful information that will determine work required on the boat. 

3. EMAIL:  Email the description and the photos along with your name, address and phone number to info@


4. GENERAL ASSESSMENT:  BOATFIX.CA will perform a general assessment of your boat based on the information we receive from you and generate a quotation for the work you require. BOATFIX.CA will send the quotation back to you to review. The quotation is valid for 30 days from the time the quote is sent back to you.

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