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Finally got to try out the canoe yesterday between rumbles of thunder and downpours! 


It’s amazing! The seats are so comfortable and the boat just glides through the water. Steering is a piece of cake as it keeps you low enough to the water that the boat turns on a dime. Haven’t used the yoke yet (and hopefully won’t have to!) but it looks absolutely beautiful with the equally beautiful new seats. If you hadn’t shown me a play-by-play of the canoe’s renovation, I wouldn’t have believed it was the same one! Absolutely remarkable and the quality craftsmanship done by you and your team, is unquestionably at the highest level.


Thanks Chris! You’ve changed the dynamic of our cottage with this new treasure! 


Shannon  Clark, Aurora, Ontario

Having grandparents with a beautiful cedar canoe I literally grew up with since a child, I found myself inheriting it. She was a beautiful chestnut prospector that shined like the sun. At least that's what I remembered in my youth. Unfortunately she didn't age gracefully and sat under our cottage for the last 15 years or so. My husband discovered the boatfix company through a radio advertisement and got the wheels in motion to have an assessment made of what was left of the canoe. Chris and Zack came to our cottage in the Muskoka area and gave us a written opinion explaining the canoe had some minor issues to deal with but could make her like new again. He took the canoe away shortly afterward to work on it through the winter. When the work was done he brought her back to me a new and shiny canoe just as I remembered her in my youth. My grandpa would have been proud! Good on you Chris and Zack! Job well done! 

Lilly Anne G., Lake Joseph, Ontario

Impeccable workmanship! Our ailing Swift canoe was on its way to heaven until hearing about, We're talking about a canoe just barely surviving a tornado. These guys are Godsends! I can't thank them enough for revitalizing my baby! Permanent customer here! I'm a fan now! 

Johnny S. Ottawa, Ontario

Our 17 year old Saugeen Bluewater needed a few minor fixes and definitely new gunwales. I usually prefer word-of-mouth references, but took a chance and reached out to Boatfix, having seen one of their ads. We have not been disappointed! Communication with them was prompt and clear. A diagnosis of what was wrong with the boat, and what needed to be done was very detailed, along with the estimate. We were told when the work would be done and it was ready for the season. Pride of workmanship showed in Chris’ explanation of what had been done to the boat, and craftmanship was obvious, with the job well done. Chris also had suggestions of maintenance, going forward, with a very wise suggestion to read the “How To” section on the Boatfix website. We highly recommend Boatfix for your canoe(s)!

Kathy S. Weber, Orrville, On

We recently purchased the Little Horses cradle sets form BOATFIX.CA and after about an hour and a half they were together. We followed the directions precisely and built 2 very lovely horses to put the beautiful canoe they restored for us on. They are like furniture, so we are showing off our canoe in the living room! Really nice addition to our household, and a real conversation piece. Nice job BOATFIX.CA!

Leah C. and Donna R, Gravenhurst, On

Hi Chris

We wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did on bringing our canoe back to life. We cannot believe it’s the same boat. It looks brand new and we love our custom logo you created for it! We wish you continued success and thank you again!

Dale and John Rider, Haliburton, On

I have an older square stern Watson canoe that I have used for many years in the Haliburton area. Originally I had taken it to a competitor to have the front seat fixed as it had separated from the canoe. It seemed like they did a good job but within the next year or so the seat separated again. I has heard the BOATFIX.CA commercials on Canoe-FM  and had contacted Chris about fixing the seat again. He even offered to come pick up the canoe as part of his service. The job he did was pristine and the seat is still very solid and holding well into it's second season now. Following that, the next Spring, I decided it was best to get the back seat done the same way as it was showing some wear and tear . Additionally, I had a small leak and needed that fixed too.

The job Chris & staff did was impeccable. The best part for anyone on a tight budget is that not only is the job done in great time but all things considered, it was a steal. No matter what the job is Chris & staff are definitely up for the challenge. Cheers!


Paul L, Haliburton, On

Chris did a stellar job refurbishing our 1980s sunfish sailboat hull. What's more, he actually found us another hull, which was for sale in the area, that was in better shape and practically free. On his advice, we put our original hull to rest and refurbed the new one, leaving us with a brand new hull with double sails and gear. I think it was Chris's son who refurbed the centerboard and tiller/rudder and they are truly beautiful. Thanks both!

Tim James, Gooderham, On

I am blown away by the way you have transformed my old canoe back into a thing of renewed beauty. I bought this Prospector design from a canoe maker in Millbrook, Ontario, when I was just eighteen years old. After all these 30-plus years, the original oak gunnels were quite overcome with dry rot, but the cherry decks were still pretty solid, as was the spruce yoke. You wonderfully replaced the gunnels and refurbished the decks and yoke while also fixing various damages to the brass and fiberglass, including repairing that big crack I incurred when I dropped the canoe on a rock in the middle of the night when a giant storm rolled in from Lake Superior while I was camping on the beach! I thank you and BOATFIX.CA and wish you every success bringing such treasures as my old Prospector back to life!

Mark Vanderkam, Kelowna, BC

I don’t know how you do it! What a great service to offer and badly needed out here in cottage country. Wish you guys the best in the future! You can only go up from here!

Robert McDonald, Bracebridge, On

After 15 years our fiberglass canoe had several leaks, and too many honest scratches from canoe trips. Found Chris and Chris came to our cottage, quoted what I thought was a very fair price, picked up the canoe, and drove off to work his magic over the winter.  The canoe was returned in the spring, better than new, because Chris made some improvements to the canoe, things I would not have thought to ask, but which make handling the canoe much easier when I portage, for no extra charge.  Great workmanship, and I got great value for my money.  I will use their services again.

GM, Algonquin Highlands, Ont

Our 60 year old cedar canoe, once owned by my father, was on the path to destruction. Her interior looked horrible and her exterior was even worse (bad management on my part L ). Chris came to our cottage in Algonquin Highlands in the late summer to assess the sorry state of the boat. He said it was in pretty rough shape, ‘But I can fix that!”. So off he went, and in the spring he came back with a totally new boat. What a difference he made resurrecting her sorry bones.

She’s a beauty! Thanks to the ‘League of Boatfixers’! Amazing job!

DM, Richmond Hill, On

Our cherished 1970’s Northland canoe had succumbed to the effects of weather and dry rot to the point where we were concerned about its seaworthiness. I saw the BOATFIX.CA ad in the local paper and took a chance. Best bet that I ever made! Chris and his team saw the beauty that was inherent in our canoe and provided the vision and exceptional skill to make that vision manifest. The result was a complete transformation! If fact our canoe’s story is on the BOATFIX.CA transformation page. Thanks to Chris and everyone at BOATFIX.CA for bringing our baby back to life. I unreservedly recommend BOATFIX.CA based on our experience with them.

RJ, Haliburton, Ont

Lovely people!

Their work is amazing! Our canoe is as good as new and didn’t cost us the earth either. They do everything their website says they can do and more! Highly recommended by a couple of old girls that needed their boat back into the water again! Bravo!

Leah C. and Donna R, Gravenhurst, On

My canoe….a testimonial

I have a 1998 16’ Scott Kevlar canoe tripper. It was a rental canoe that had had one or 2 field patches but was otherwise serviceable and was a treat to paddle and served our needs quite well. A couple of years ago, my wife and I took it on a river trip that, due to a very low water level, damaged the canoe to the point of multiple leaks. Not good. It then got relegated to storage and subsequently came precariously close to becoming a cutesy planter.

I heard about BOATFIX.CA from a friend and wondered if our canoe could be rehabilitated. Chris Knight came and had a look and took some pictures and assured us that she was salvageable. His quote was within our means and a few months later we had what looks like a brand-new canoe. New woven seats and yoke, a proper, cosmetic patching job and new paint inside and out and, voila, a refurbished and reanimated old friend. A real beauty and a remarkable restoration.

In addition to Chris and his team’s talents, they were terrific to work with. Both the delivery schedule and the quote were adhered to and we now have years of enjoyment ahead of us. Nicely done Chris et al.

Sean Pennylegion, Haliburton, ON

Hi Chris,

Emily and Trevor sent me some pics yesterday after the prospector canoe was delivered. They then put their gear in the canoe and took off for a paddle.  What a perfect day they had!  It will certainly be memorable! You’ve done an amazing job and given life back to a canoe that means a lot to us.  I’m sure Emily will think of her dad whenever she goes for a paddle! Thank you again BOATFIX.CA for such a beautiful transformation.

Cathy Fullarton, Koshlong Lake, On

Thanks for asking me to write a review. Only good things to say about you guys!

I purchased a second hand Scott canoe in the late 1990’s and it was in really nice shape back then. I stored the canoe under a deck for the winter some years back and a tree came down onto the deck and took the front end of the canoe out as well as the gunwales and deck. The float tank was a mess as well. So being that I had an emotional attachment to this canoe I wasn’t prepared to throw it out just yet. It sat in storage for a couple of years until I heard about BOATFIX.CA on the Moose FM radio station. I also read some ads and finally broke down to have them look at it. They took the time to drive out to my cottage and show me some options. There was no hesitation on my part to have the work done. During the winter they rebuilt the front of the canoe and straightened out the aluminum gunwales. I was convinced this canoe was a goner but they brought it back to me in the spring and I was a very happy camper.

Amazing work, and thanks for your efforts! I’m paddling again!

John L., Huntsville, On


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