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Zen and creative people get it. Others, jaws usually just silently drop.

The dead of winter looms high overhead, impressing its bitter cold upon us all. Days are short here, but we work ridiculously long hours to get your watercraft ready for warmer weather ahead! It isn't out of reach to see the shop lights on at 3AM. That's just how we work. Our workshop is full of projects in transition. And those boats just hanging around waiting for their exterior finish to cure, are but ornaments which inspire us to give our absolute best. Our landscape isn't difficult to take in through our workshop's panoramic view! So awkward to fathom winter's beauty whilst toasty warm inside our climate-controlled shop.  A hard act to follow, and so horrible to endure, isn't it?


A8-Deep Winter-2021.jpg

The winter's scene we see out our shop windows each day.

A7-Deep Winter-2021.jpg
A1-Deep Winter-2021.jpg

Coining the expression, "Having a busy winter" truly is an understatement. Our shop is busy 24/7 even on the coldest of days. One would have to experience being here to truly understand the Zen and euphoria working amongst these boats in the dead of winter.  

A5-Deep Winter-2021.jpg
A4-Deep Winter-2021.jpg
A9-Deep Winter-2021.jpg
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