October 17, 2021

Custom Designs: New for 2022

BOATFIX.CA will be offering a brand new design service come spring 2022. Get pumped to check out the many ways you can have your canoe personalized by our transformation team. Go to our Custom Design page here!

14-boatfix color.png
7-boatfix color.png

Storage and display solutions for your canoe

BOATFIX.CA will be offering support structures to display, care and store your watercraft come spring 2022. Check out the many ways you can have your canoe stored displayed at our new Products page.

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October 01, 2021

We're officially booked solid!

As of September 30, 2021 we have taken on our quota of repairs and restorations for next year's 2022 delivery. We are actually over-booked as many of the full restoration projects will have deliveries well into the summer. If you are in need of immediate service that doesn't require major surgery, contact us and we may be able to work something out.

It truly will be an interesting year ahead! Stay warm this winter, and hopefully we will see you in the spring!


September 26, 2021

Annual autumn watercraft collection drive.

Thank you for the opportunity to have BOATFIX.CA assess your watercraft! Coming into Fall cottagers enter scramble mode to get their boats ready for the following year. At this time of year scheduling for small boat assessments are taking place and there are quite a number of them. Our schedule is filling quickly, so inquire about your small boat assessment today!


August 29, 2021

This is our annual autumn drive to collect canoe repair projects for the winter.

We'll be running radio advertising through Moose 93.5 CFZN-FM (Vista Radio) for the next few weeks in parallel with some splashy half-page print media in the Haliburton Highlander to get you informed and ready. BOATFIX.CA can provide you with a FREE assessment of your canoe, and FREE pickup with FREE spring delivery if you're in the Haliburton area* (*Some conditions apply )

We'll be filling quickly! Schedule your assessment today before its too late!

Big shout-out to Dave Curry for his great radio voice for the ad. Thanks Dave!

Moose FM---Ad---August-2021

August 14, 2021

We are a family-run small boat restoration business based in the Haliburton community currently seeking skilled and crafty individuals to help make our great business even greater!


Candidates will be engaged in repairs and restorations of canoes, kayaks, small sailboats, and other unpowered watercraft constructed of wood, fiberglass, Kevlar and other materials. Candidates must know their way around a woodworking shop and obtain good knowledge of hand tools and stationary power tools. Candidates will work in parallel with others in this amazing environment. Candidates MUST have a G-class driver’s license with a clean driving record (as we pick up and deliver client’s small boats). This is a permanent part-time position with opportunity to advance to greater places in the future.

Apply to:

April 08, 2021

Ontario strengthens enforcement of province-wide stay-at-home order. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise at an alarming rate, a declaration of emergency and provincewide stay-at-home order are in effect as of Thursday, April 8.

How will this affect BOATFIX.CA and what it means to our clients? BOATFIX.CA is not deemed essential business, therefore by government legislation BOATFIX.CA will be limiting the amount of work we can do for the duration of the province-wide lockdown. Unfortunately this measure will ultimately hamper scheduled on-site watercraft assessments, the work to complete client's watercraft, and deliveries of watercraft on-hand until further notice.


H  O  W  E  V  E  R.


Assessments and quotations will still be available by photo submission of your watercraft. Please submit clear and detailed photos of the problem areas of your watercraft along with some background information of your watercraft to and BOATFIX.CA will do its utmost to provide general quotations and repair schedules to the best of our abilities.


We're going to get through this!


March 24, 2021

BOATFIX.CA gets an editorial plug from Cottage Life Magazine online. This is a great opportunity for us to reach out to many new customers that want to get their small boats back into the water again!

Thanks to Cottage Life editor Andrew Cruickshank for the great interview!


Chris & Nancy Knight


March 23, 2021

BOATFIX.CA would like to take this opportunity to thank Autumn Wilson, Program & Operations Coordinator at the Haliburton County Development Corporation, for her mentoring, guidance, and efforts in making BOATFIX.CA a big part of the Haliburton community. Autumn has done an exponential amount of work to establish grant funding for BOATFIX.CA through the Rural Innovation Initiative Eastern Ontario (RIIEO).

Autumn is leaving her command post at the end of March, and handing the torch to Heather Reid as the new Program & Operations Coordinator at HCDC. 

We wish Autumn all the best in her future endeavors!

Congratulations Heather! Welcome aboard!


March 23, 2021

BOATFIX.CA' own Chris Knight has just released a very helpful and informative FREE booklet, offering tips and insight for BOATFIX.CA customers and everyone else who just needs to know how to care and maintain their fiberglass, Kevlar, and wood canoes. 

Topics covered include gunwale care, cleaning your canoe, maintaining, oiling and varnishing your canoe woodwork, understanding your canoe’s newly applied paint finishes, transporting your canoe, storing your canoe, and much, much more!

Care and Maintenance for your Repaired and Refurbished Canoes - Rev 3.0   (15.6 mb)



March 20, 2021

BOATFIX.CA has submitted advertising in the Highlander Handbook this year, featuring a very cool and colorful full-page ad. It really nails down what we do for our cottage community customers with small boats requiring repairs and servicing. There is also a very informative full-page editorial that accompanies the ad which will be well worth the read. 


The Highlander Handbook is distributed in print and on the web to over 12,000 homes and cottages in the Haliburton Highland community over the Victoria Day holiday weekend. It will be inserted in the paper and available at retailers across the county, rental agencies, tourism offices, etc. It's also posted on line to reach another 6,000+ cottagers at home.

It's a great directory to keep you informed and in-touch with your community. 

BOATFIX AD--Highlander Handbook PROXY-20

"We're still in business, folks!"


March 18, 2021

“This pandemic is trying to destroy everything we have worked so hard to create.”

When the pandemic came along, our core clients of youth camps and resorts disappeared. The pandemic brought a massive number of Canadian businesses to a standstill, and we really felt our days were numbered as well. We had to reinvent ourselves and create a new tactic for keeping our business alive. What is interesting, is when spring came last year, the Haliburton community flooded with all sorts of people, many who’d never been here before, and seeing the volume of traffic coming to cottage country to get out of the big city, we found ourselves receiving a lot more work for people in the local area.

However, the problem wasn't solved for us quite yet. There were still mandated Ontario lockdowns, and sourcing materials and supplies from distributors that were still operating was problematic. We had to streamline our business and, unfortunately let some good people go for the time being. This translated to current work being slowed to a snails pace and also having to defer potential new clients to a much later date.

As of last February BOATFIX.CA has made huge strides in clearing the mountain of work we currently have on hand. We're still in business, folks... a little slower than normal, but please be patient. We're getting there! 


February 28, 2021

BOATFIX.CA has submitted advertising for the Boshkung Lake Informer 2021 season this year. It features a very cool and colorful full-page ad nailing down what we do for our cottage community customers with small boats requiring repairs and servicing. There is also a very informative full-page editorial that accompanies the ad which will be well worth the read. 


It's a great directory to keep you informed and in-touch with your Boshkung Lake community. 

Watch for it!


BOATFIX_Boshkung Lake Directory_Magazine